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The ORIGINAL Handheld
Cordless Wire Puller Now $995!

CP-1000 R-1

Made in the USA. Patent protected.

Mike Valencia

We have 35 CP1000s in our organization. We find it makes the hard pulls easy and the long pulls faster. Plus, our shoulder and wrist injuries have gone down.


- Mike Valencia,

General Superintendent, Mojave Electric, Las Vegas NV

EC&M Product of the Year

1. What is the pulling strength of the CP1000 R-1?

The CP1000 R-1 generates over 1000 pounds of pulling force from a typical cordless drill.


2. Who should use the CP1000 R-1?

We have customers in all categories of the trade including commercial and industrial electricians, utilities, solar contractors and even low voltage/fiber cable installers.


3. What is the maximum wire size for the CP1000 R-1?

The CP1000 R-1 was designed to be used with branch circuits. It can generally pull wires sized up to 1/0. Of course, much depends on the length of the pull and the number of bends and degrees. The longer the pull, heavier the wire and greater number of bends decreases the wire size for the pull. We have reports of customers using it for service runs and very heavy pulls.

Electrical Product Innovation

Electrical Product Innovation, Inc. is the creator of the world's first handheld wire puller and cordless tugger powered solely by a cordless drill. Improve on-the-job efficiency, while enhancing worker safety and productivity. Insist on the original, the CP1000 from

Made in the USA.

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