What is the pulling strength of the CP1000 R-1?

The CP1000 R-1 generates over 1000 pounds of pulling force from a typical cordless drill.

Who should use the CP1000 R-1?

We have customers in all categories of the trade including commercial and industrial electricians, utilities, solar contractors and even low voltage/fiber cable installers.

What is the maximum wire size for the CP1000 R-1?

The CP1000 R-1 was designed to be used with branch circuits. It can generally pull wires sized up to 1/0. Of course, much depends on the length of the pull and the number of bends and degrees. The longer the pull, heavier the wire and greater number of bends decreases the wire size for the pull. We have reports of customers using it for service runs and very heavy pulls.

Where is the CP1000 R-1 made?

Proudly made in the USA

What is the best line material to pull with?

You can use all forms of line for pulling including jet line, mule tape and rope depending on the wire gauge and tensile strength needed.

Is there any limit to the run length with this tool?

No. The CP1000 R-1 can be used like a “tugger” and line can be fed and spooled, resulting in an unlimited run length.

How do I use the tool as a tugger and a puller?

When you use the tool as a tugger, you simply wrap the capstan once around and spool the line as you operate. As a puller for shorter runs, you use a slip knot or the capstan cleat to affix the line, then you can allow the line to wrap around the capstan like a fishing reel.

What happens when the capstan spool fills with line?

When using as a puller, you may fill the spool before you complete the pull. To empty the spool, simply reverse the drill and remove the excess ball of line. Cut and reaffix.

Can the tool be used for low voltage wires like cable/security?

The tool is great to these low voltage projects where there are very long runs.

How much does the CP1000 R-1 weigh?

The CP1000 R-1 weighs only 6.2 pounds without the drill. 10.2 pounds with the typical cordless drill attached. The CP1000 R-1 is the lightest of the popular models because it is produced primarily out of high-quality billet aluminum.

What additional benefits are there to the tool?

Customers tell us they save money and time. You can make longer pulls faster, difficult pulls are easier and worker safety and health are improved because of a reduction in repetitive motion injuries as well as neck, back and arm strains.

Will the use of the CP1000 R-1 burn out my cordless drill?

We have had no reports of burned out drills using the CP1000 R-1. We do recommend using brushless drills for the best results.

Who invented the CP1000 R-1?

The CP1000 R-1 was invented and patented by a career electrician. Tommy Dee’s father, brother, uncle and cousins were all electricians. After over 30 years in the field in various roles, and following 5 shoulder surgeries, he realized there was a better way to pull wire. The CP1000 R-1 was born.

How is easy it to install the drill motor to the puller?

It’s very easy. First, you simply adjust the drill cradle to the drill chuck fits onto the puller input shaft (at least ¾”). You run the drill in the forward position till the chuck is tight. Always tighten the chuck securely. Attach the rubber O rings around the cradle. It’s that easy!

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