I wish I had the CP1000 when I was your age!

Get to know inventor and electrician "Tommy Dee"

I spent my entire life in the electrical trade. My father was a union electrician and I followed suit working for the same company. As soon as I was eligible, I apprenticed at my local IBEW 477 in San Bernardino, CA.

I'm now in my late fifties. The career that had been so good to me for so long became more challenging. The physical demands from a professional life pulling wires, lifting piping, connecting junction boxes and moving large cable reels had taken a toll.  Five shoulder surgeries couldn’t repair the long term damage and I had to have shoulder replacement surgery.

I've always been physically active outside of work. A man's man. You name it - Motorcycles, Boating, Deep Sea Fishing, Weight Lifting. You should see my garage!


I wondered first, how much of my professional life contributed to my physical problems?  In my research,  discovered just how ergonomically bad wire pulling was for the body.

The placement of junction boxes in ceilings, conduits in gutters & panels, light standards, and underground conduits puts your body in an awkward, unnatural position when trying to pull. This causes excessive strain on the shoulders, arms, back and wrists. It all adds up over the years. Trust me.

Although 80% of all wire pulled on a job site is branch circuit wire, there actually wasn’t a tool available. I knew the tool I would create had to be convenient and easy enough to use so the time for setup and engagement didn’t take longer than the pull itself.

It had to be powerful. Wire pulling becomes increasingly difficult as the wire moves through the conduit. Each pull adds more weight to the successive pull…every pull harder than the next. Gearing for maximum torque would be critical.

After field tests and minor modifications, the tool did exactly what it was supposed to do and even more. 

I know that the CP1000 can will pay for itself in a few months. It can improve how you handle pulling wire. My hope is that every electrician can use this tool to extend their careers and improve their field working conditions.

I hope you decide to take the next step and purchase the CP1000 for your company and yourself!

Tommy Dee

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