The CP1000 Circuit Puller

The World's First Handheld Cordless Wire Puller / Tugger

Save time and money with the CP1000.


Today 80% of all project wire being pulled is branch circuit wire. Until now there has only been one time-consuming and physically demanding method -- hand pulling. The CP1000 takes the time consuming process of hand pulling and reduces it by 75-80%. 

Made in the USA

Powered by a cordless drill


Exerts 1000 lbs of pulling torque

Pull wire sizes up to 1/0

Reduces labor costs

Improve employee safety and eliminate potential workman's comp claims

Comes with canvas carrying bag and all attachments

Protected by U.S. Patent 10294067

New Features for the CP1000

The new capstan rope cleat helps you tie off rope, mule tape and jet line for a quicker set up and finish. The new slotted extender arm with optional clamp allows more leverage over upward pulls.

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