What People are Saying About the CP1000

from Electrical Product Innovation, Inc.


From: Don Rout




"We just purchased one. I love it!"

From: Scott Krueger

Maron Electric


"We have been able to reduce labor costs associated with circuit pulling. We can complete many with only one guy. Everything is easier."

From: Adam Sperry

Instagram: Completely Cordless


"This is my favorite way to pull wire!"

From: Tom Tarrant

Sky Stream Video Security

Vancouver, Canada

The product is great!

From: Element Electric

Anchorage, AK

"Makes pulling wires a breeze!"

Articles and Reviews

Mojave Electric

Mike Valencia from Mojave Electric explains his experiences working with the CP1000 for the past 12 months.


From Chris Despain

Ameren illinois Electric Underground Crew leader

"You offered to buy back the unit if not satisfied cause there is no one to conduct demos in our area. No need to, I love this thing and it continues to amaze!!!


I will be posting several short videos on Instagram and have already generated a lot of interest in several of my utility Instagram friends. "

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